What We Offer.

We help small start-ups, and really big businesses up their tech game in four key areas. These services can be plugged into your operation as a standalone package or used in combination.
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    Let Code Maven map out your industry’s landscape to identify tech opportunities - and imagine entirely new ones.

  • 02


    We can take your tech idea, and transform it into an inspiring, tangible vision. We can design a roadmap, complete with a hiring plan, the skills and business you’re going to need to get there.

  • 03


    We can help you get your product into the wild, fast. We use real customer data to test and improve your product and the models supporting it.

  • 04

    Scale & Transform

    There’s room to grow, grab it. We can activate marketing and gather more customers, and bake in ways of working that keep you future-proof.

Why Work with Code Maven.

Custom software

We build software tailored to your processes and unique challenges, giving you a competitive edge. Shoehorning your system into off-the-shelf software will limit your business as you scale.

Deeper than Dev Work

Our success lies in getting to know your business, and the bigger picture. Once we’ve got a grasp on your goals, we’re able to build you what you need now, and what future-you needs too.

We Build Smart

Together, using software architecture and design, we’ll identify the critical areas worth investing in upfront, and prioritise those first. The other stuff comes afterwards.

We Test the Tech

UX research ensures that we can make well-informed decisions, and that the overall experience lines up with your goals, and the users’ needs.
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