The Hiring Process.

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    Getting Started

    The first step is to tell us who you’re looking for, or exactly what the project is all about. We’re driven by detail, so lay it on us. The more info we have, the more aligned our shortlist of proposed candidates will be.

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    Meet the Mavens

    We’ll provide you with options. Every profile you’re presented with is a person who is already vetted, tested and a proven performer, saving you from admin and hiring duds. Interview your favourites, to find out who feels like the best fit. If you don’t meet anyone you like, no hard feelings and no bill.

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    We Do the Details

    You’ve met your dream dev, and now it’s time to close the deal. The contract isn’t for the exact person you’ll be working with, it is designed for flexibility. You can swap out the resource based on the project flow, replace someone if need be, scale up or down. The duration can be from one month to four years, and you can cancel the contract with one calendar month’s notice.

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    Welcome to the Team

    We take care of onboarding, ensuring that your new team member is fully integrated into your engineering culture and processes. Our people work within your systems, and take lead directly from you. Code Maven, and your new team members sign NDAs, and once paid for all the source code remains your intellectual property. Now get to work!

99 Problems
But My Dev Ain’t One.

There are loads of perks when it comes having a Maven on the team:
  • Our experienced team vets every candidate, making sure they know their shiz in the tech you need.
  • We keep upskilling our Mavens, in soft and hard skills. This means that they’re continuously growing while working for you.
  • If the Maven you’ve leased isn’t capable of doing what you need, we’ll replace them with a new resource, and you won’t be charged. Same goes for extended sick leave, or any other hiccups.
  • You can downscale, upscale or switch to a dev with a different range of tech skills. We set up contacts that don’t lock you in, but let you get the work done.

Ways of Working.

Even if your new team member is working remotely, you can keep on top of their progress and work using our processes or your own. If you’d like to get your Maven to join your team in the flesh, we can arrange that to.

Local Account Manager

Dedicated account managers work to monitor team outputs and task tracking.

Instant Messaging

We use Discord and Slack to keep communication flowing daily.

Time Tracking

Resources are kept accountable for their time using Active Collab and Jira.


Zoom, Discord or Skype are used for daily standups.

Source Code

Have full visibility of source code using GitHub.

Scrum Methodology

To project manage and ensure fast, but quality code output we use the scrum framework.
Don’t have time?

We’ll find a Maven for you!
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