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Un-tap your potential

We'll constantly motivate and support you to learn, grow and build your legacy.

Make an Impact

You’ll get to work on big brand company projects that you’ll want to brag about.

Interesting projects

We’ll task you with new projects in your field of interest to keep things fresh. No more doing the same thing for the same client over and over.
career grow

Career growth

Each stage of your professional growth is rewarded with a corresponding pay rise. Nice.
We’re looking for talented developers who eat, sleep & speak code.
If you love what you do and love making clients happy, we want to hear from you.  
  • Passionate

    Are you enthusiastic, driven, motivated, and energetic? Do you inspire people around you?

  • Innovative

    Are you always coming up with ideas and constantly finding better ways to do things? Are you goal-focused and strategic, seeing opportunities where others just see can’t.

  • Bold

    Were you born with an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude? Do you lead by example, dare to push the boundaries and live to learn to change the game? Were you often sent to the principal's office because you kept debating with teachers?

  • Professional

    Have you been described as trustworthy, courteous, open, authentic, and respectful? Are you all about ethics, taking the high road and treating others as you’d like to be treated? Do you own a collared shirt?

Our people

Join our global team of 80+ experts that span across various technologies and departments:

Front-end developers


Back-end developers


Agile Scrum Masters

Ux/Ui designers

Ux/Ui designers

Dev ops engineers

Dev ops engineers

Mobile developers

Mobile developers



We believe that great work comes from having the freedom to explore your ideas and unleash your potential - that’s what we’re all about. Helping you be the best you.
  • Work Remotely

    Work Remotely

    Location? Anywhere: couch, office, coffee shop, Mexico… We’re all about flexibility.

  • Travel opportunities

    Travel opportunities

    We work for clients all over the world and we have offices in 3 countries, which opens the doors to travel.

  • Competitive salary

    Competitive salary

    Don’t go through life worrying about money. It's not healthy, that’s why each stage of your professional growth is rewarded with a corresponding pay rise. Nice.

  • Education budget

    Education budget

    Jack of all trades, master of none? Up-skill yourself in Android, iOS, JavaScript, Java and more with us.

  • Flexible working hours

    Flexible working hours

    Work the hours that work for you. As long as you get the project done in time and on budget, it’s all good.

  • Paid leave

    Paid leave

    Work on a variety of projects in an agile environment and enjoy all the benefits of being a full-time employee with paid and sick leave.

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South African,
with Global Reach.

Code Maven is a South African business, with our own entities locally, in India and Eastern Europe. That’s because many of our Mavens are based in India and Eastern Europe. With international reach, our pool of talent is vast and top-notch.
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