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Brief Us

01.Brief Us

Give us a tight brief, a bit of time and we’ll find matches in our vetted base.

Meet the Mavens

02.Meet the Mavens

Interview the candidates and let us know which one clicks.

Seal the Deal

03.Seal the Deal

We finalise the contract, and your new team member is ready to get started.


It’s all the excitement of getting the team member you’ve been dreaming of, without any of the boring bits.

Let’s Get Started

Why Leasing Talent is Smart.

Find Talent Fast

We already have the perfect person in our pool of proven techies, saving you time and effort.

No Recruitment Fees

We don’t charge you an upfront recruitment or setup fee. You will receive your first bill only after the first 30 days using Code Maven.

Flexible Contracts

Downscale, upscale, or mix and match talent. Our contracts don’t lock you in, they let you get the job done.

We Plug into Your Process

Your selected Maven will fit into your existing processes, projects and even the company culture.

Vetted and Tested

We take the time to vet and test the skills of every Maven. That means you’ll be hiring some-one based on proven capabilities, not just a CV.

Our Person, Our Problem

We take care of all the human resource hassles - from poor performance to extended sick leave. If needed, we’ll replace the Maven at no cost.

Ready to Grow Your Team?

Browse through our ever-growing base of talented techies. We don’t use freelancers. These are high-performing professionals who have been tested, vetted and put through their paces just to join our pool.

What Our Mavens are Making.

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